Sinus Lift

A Sinus Lift is a process that assists your body in rehabilitating a delicate area by restoring lost bone with your own natural bone. A Sinus Lift is one of the most successful and predictable bone grafting procedures performed in the mouth.

A Sinus Lift is often required as a first step when placing a dental implant in the back of your upper jaw. When upper back teeth are lost, bone in that area naturally shrinks or resorbs over time. Consequently, your sinuses expand to occupy the empty space where the bone used to be. Because there is insufficient bone available to securely place the dental implant, the sinuses must be lifted in order to create space for placing additional bone in that area.

There are two types of Sinus Lift procedures available. Your procedure will depend on the amount of bone you have left. Prior to your procedure, we will go over any pre-operative instructions you should follow, as well as any specifics about the surgical process. Sinus Lifts are common, routine procedures. When performed correctly, by our qualified team of experts, Sinus Lifts are not expected to affect your sinuses, breathing, or allergies.