Bone Reconstruction

When it comes to bone reconstruction perioboca dentists optimize comfort, function and aesthetics. Bone grafting is required to replace missing bony tissue, and in many cases support the placement of dental implants. Bone grafting is a reliable and trusted procedure where bone is transferred from one area or location and placed into a new location. The surgeon can therefore “build bone” in areas where it is missing. In the practice of periodontal surgery, the need for bone grafting presents itself in a multitude of situations.

The dentists at perioboca have had extensive training and experience in the areas of bone grafting and reconstruction. We also utilize the industry’s highest quality materials and standards of care. Which means you can relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands!

The usual question is “Where Do You Get The Bone?” or “Where Does The Bone Come From?”

There are four graft choices:

Autogeous Grafts: The bone comes from within the same individual. In other words, the patient is his/her own donor.

Allografts: The bone comes from another human donor.

Xenografts: Donor bone derived from another species, usually bovine sources.

Synthetic Grafts: Bone created from Hydroxyapatite, Hydroxyapatite combined with B-Tricalcium phosphate, and Calcium Sulfate.