Bite Correction

 With perioboca’s extensive and painless bite correction procedures, obtaining the smile of your dreams can finally be a reality. Our goal is to create healthy teeth that are the size and shape they should be, by carefully correcting any malocclusion (bad bite) issues you have that are standing in the way of you and a gorgeous, striking smile.

 Although more severe cases of malocclusion may require some type of dental surgery (such as jaw surgery), several non-surgical bite correction techniques are more common.

 These include:

  • Night Guards
  • Tooth Reshaping
  • Dental Braces
  • Orthodontic Retainers
  • Replacement and Reconstruction

Our effective smile enhancing bite correction procedures allow you to enjoy your life safe in the knowledge that your teeth are slowly being moved into the desired position. They will not only look and feel great but also have amazing health benefits. Besides the aesthetics that bite correction brings to your smile, there are many advantages to having straighter teeth and a proper bite.  For one, straight teeth or an accurately aligned bite is easier to clean, keeping you at a low risk for gum or periodontal disease.  Non-surgical bite correction can alleviate strain and stress on your jaw, jaw joint, and facial muscles which can lead to Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD).  With less stress on your teeth, you’ll be at less risk for teeth fractures, and enamel wear and tear.